Welcome to Uvalde Veterinary Clinic!"Charlie" is feeling SOOOO much better now that  his thyroid medication is regulated and his food allergies are managed!  He has even lost 5#!!!!  GREAT job Mom and Dad!Cinders (personal trainer)  and Bently- kickboxing session in propressAmber- the "P rincess"I'm  WATCHING  you!Cinders and Amber taking a nap after a hard day.OWWWWW!!!!!!  That had to hurtt!Ramseys soaking up some "rays"Everyone enjoying a "Thursday staff training session"  at Jacks. Amber helping Celesta look after her new babies post-opYou're right!  I 'm WAYYY too cool!I saw that!Dr. Coble with ferret patient. They'll never break us!  Amber waiting on some important paperwork to arrive via fax.  A CEO's work is never done.Nerissa setting up surgery packs. Cupid checking-in inventory. Mom with 2 new babies.  Cupid (head of Guest Sevices)
making sure that Zelda Hammer is comfy. Lilah needs a hug too.Yes????LaneMolly-  A very brave (and well dressed) patient.Beau 
(His name should have been "Lucky." )Nikko, a "Little Angel" all ready for Halloween. Yes- I know I 'm, beautiful!My assistant decided that Mr. Monk was lonely and decided to join him. Clinic cactus in full bloom in  spring.  Aren't they beautiful!Amber taking a nap in Deb;'s purseCinders and Jewels
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