Because Your Pet
   Deserves the Best Care

  We offer CareCredit to our clients
  because your pet is an important
  part of your family.  Care credit is
  a convenient, low minimum monthly
  payment program to help you accept
  the best treatment reccomendations
  for your pets.

  With Care Credit:

  Provide your pet with immediate care
for any treatment amount
   *    Use for future exams, medications, or
even food
   *    Use for unplanned emergency
         veterinary services
   *    Choose between flexible payment
   *    No annual fees

For your convenience we offer the following forms of payment:
*personal check
*American Express
*Care Credit
Online Application:
* Go to
* Fill out application
* Receive immediate answer
* Contact office to set appt.

Phone Application:
* Call (800)365-8295
* Follow prompts
* Recieve immediate answer
* Contact office to set appt.

Please call today at 830-278-2322 for
an appointment.!  We are here to serve
you.  Thanks!